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Snow Hotel - general information for the overnight stay

Photo: Snow Hotel Kirkenes

Photo: Snow Hotel Kirkenes

Photo: Snow Hotel Kirkenes

Photo: Snow Hotel Kirkenes

Photo: Terje Rakke, Nordic Life/Innovation Norway


Your luggage will be stored in the reception area at the Snow hotel. Bring only a small overnight bag into the room, this should include thermal underwear, pullover, a warm comfortable hat to sleep in, warm socks and toiletries.

Bring with you:
long thermal woollen underwear, pullover, hat and socks. In the Arctic Climate you need to bring extra layers to keep yourself warm.
Included in the price: Warm outdoor clothing: thermal suit, hat, mittens and winter boots are included in the price of overnight in the Snow Hotel. You will also get a warm sleeping bag and sheets for the night in the Snow Hotel.

Overnight & facilities at the Snow Hotel:
In the Snow Suite there are normal beds with normal mattresses and reindeer-hides to keep your back warm during the night. Beds are surrounded by ice blocks. You will be sleeping inside the sleeping bag. The guide at the Snow Hotel will explain how to sleep inside the sleeping bag.
Your outdoor clothing is good to set as a roll under your head or between the mattress and sleeping bag. More comfortable to put them on again in the morning!
There are curtains as a door in every Snow Suite.
Temperature is -4 Celsius degrees.
Restaurant & meals:
Next to the Snow Hotel there is a warm restaurant where breakfast and dinner is served.
There is a Snow Bar to warm you up before sleeping in the Snow Hotel, but it is not advisable to drink too much before going to sleep.

In the service building there is one room with a few beds, just in case a person does not feel comfortable sleeping inside the snow hotel. There is staff present during the night time to secure safe overnight in the Snow Suite

Shower, sauna & toilet facilities:
The Snow Hotel is located in the suburban wilderness. You find toilets, showers & a sauna in the service building, located next to the Snow hotel.
It is important to make a visit to the toilet before going to sleep in the sleeping bag!
It is not allowed to smoke or make fire inside any facility of the Kirkenes Snow hotel.

CHILDREN: The staff at the Snow Hotel will assess each child's suitability to the cold environment inside the Snow Hotel following an hour or so spent there. Any child not comfortable in the Snow Hotel will be looked after by our Snow Hotel staff inside the warm service building next door to the Snow Hotel.
Parents are however fully responsible for the welfare and comfort of their children.


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