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The Norwegian Fjords - a unique attraction in Scandinavia

Photo: Fred Jonny Hammero/More & Romsdal Fylke

Photo: Fred Jonny Hammero/More & Romsdal Fylke

Photo: Hotel Ullensvang

Photo: Terje Rakke, Nordic Life/Innovation Norway

Flam & Aurlandsfjord
Photo: Morten Rakke/Flam Utvikling

Photo: EA Vikesland/Flam Utvikling

Photo: Destinasjon Stryn/Nordfjord

The unique and spectacular Norwegian Fjords are a "must see"  - with snow covered mountains, beautiful colours and spectacular fruit tree blossom in spring - scenic in the summer season and exotic in the winter season. The Naeroyfjord - a narrow branch of the Sognefjord - and the Geirangerfjord are both on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

During the ice age both the ice and the rivers carved deep valleys in the mountains. As the climate changed, most of the ice melted, and the valleys were gradually filled with salt water from the coast, thus creating the Fjords. Not all of the ice melted though, leaving parts of the high mountain areas covered with ice, thus creating the glaciers. The Sognefjord is Norway's longest and deepest fjord, considered the main fjord of Norway. The Sognefjord has many scenic and narrow branches (side arms), such as the narrow Naeroyfjord, the Aurlandsfjord, the Fjaerlandsfjord & the Lusterfjord. Due to the fjords cutting through the western country the car ferries crossing the fjords are considered parts of the road system in Norway.

The climate in the western Fjord areas is excellent for fruit growing, with the most spectacular late spring fruit blossom you have ever seen. The strawberries, cherries and raspberries are extremely tasty due to the growing conditions of the short, bright summers.

The Sognefjord

The Sognefjord consists of the main fjord - Norway's longest and deepest fjord - and several branches, such as the Aurlandsfjord, the Naeroyfjord (on the World Heritage list), the Fjaerlandsfjord & the Lusterfjord. The famous Flam Railway takes you down to the Aurlandsfjord & the village of Flam from the Myrdal mountain station through the spectacular Flam valley. The Flam Railway is a side line of the main Bergen train line between Oslo and Bergen. See the Sognefjord on one of our individual fjord tour packages:

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The Naeroyfjord

The Naeroyfjord is one of the narrower branches of the main Sognefjord. The width is only 250 ms at the narrower part, surrounded by dramatic mountain peaks of up to 1800 ms above sea level.
In 2005 the Naeroyfjord was included in the UNESCO World heritage list. You can visit the amazing Naeroyfjord on one of our tours:

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The Hardangerfjord

The Hardangerfjord - the Queen of the fjords - is located south east of Bergen, easily accessible from Bergen by car. The Hardangerfjord is surrounded by mountains, the majestic Folgefonna glacier, idyllic fjord villages & orchards. The early spring Hardangerfjord fruit blossom is unforgettable! You can visit the Hardangerfjord on our fjord round trips:

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The Geirangerfjord

The Geirangerfjord - a World Heritage site - carves its way from the coast & the Alesund coastal town to the fjord village of Geiranger, with spectacular waterfalls & tiny mountain farms clinging to the mountain sides. The famous "Golden Route" mountain road with the breathtaking Trollstigen hairpin road offers marvelous views of the Geirangerfjord. You can visit the beautiful Geirangerfjord on one of our tours:

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Spectacular Train lines in Norway:

The Bergen line between Oslo and Bergen across the Hardangervidda mountain plateau & National Park, with its top altitude of 1222 ms above sea level
The Flam Railway with views of spectacular waterfalls & dramatic mountain peaks - one of the world's steepest rail lines from Myrdal mountain station to the sea level and the Flam village by the Sognefjord
The Rauma train line between Dombas and Andalsnes fjord village through the dramatic Romsdal valley, surrounded by the spectacular Trolltindene mountain peaks and the famous Troll Wall, with spectacular bridges and hairpin tunnels
The Dovre train line between Oslo and Trondheim through the scenic Gudbrandsdal valley and across the Dovrefjell mountain plateau & National Park
The Nordland line between Trondheim and Bodo passing the Arctic Circle to the North Norway 


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