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Photo credits: Destinasjon Stryn/Nordfjord
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Fjords & Mountain Highlights Exclusive – 9 nights

This tour is unfortunately not available. You can look up a similar tour here: Fjord tours & cruises


Self drive tour with Norwegian Fjords, Mountain roads & beautifully located hotels


Hotel Continetal Oslo


Day 1 - Oslo

Individual arrival to Oslo. Check in at the centrally located elegant Hotel Continental, next to the main Karl johan street, close to the Royal Castle and the popular Aker Brygge wharf area. 2 restaurants in the hotel building: the famous, traditional Theatercaféen and the gourmet restaurant Eik 2en Etage. 1 night in Oslo


The hotel is located close to the Airport Express train.

Private transfer on request.

Hardangervidda National Park. Photo Destinasjon Geilo


Day 2 - Oslo-Geilo mountain village

Pick up the rental car, then drive through the Hallingdal valley to the nice mountain village of Geilo. Check in at the classic, historic Dr. Holm's hotel, room with view.

Excellent hiking areas close to the hotel.

Voringfoss waterfall in Maabodal canyon. Photo Destinasjon Hardangerfjord


Day 3 - Geilo-Hardangerfjord/Lofthus

Across the Hardangervidda National Park to the beautiful fjord village of Lofthus. Make a stop to view the breathtaking Voringfoss waterfall before the descent through the dramatic Maabodalen canyon taking you down to the scenic Hardangerfjord.

 Overnight at the beautifully located Ullensvang hotel, room with fjord view. Norwegian buffet dinner included.

Hardangerfjord. Photo CH/Innovation Norway


Day 4 - Lofthus-Bergen area/Solstrand

Drive via the outer Hardangerfjord through beautiful fjord scenery to the excellent Solstrand fjord hotel, with views of the fjord and the glacier. Room with fjord view, 2 nights. Excellent hiking areas close to the hotel.

Hanseatic Museum Beergen. Photo Rita de Lange/Fjord Travel Norway


Day 5 - Bergen area/Solstrand

Spend the day visiting Bergen (45 mins drive from the Solstrand hotel) & the surrounding areas. Alternatively spend a relaxing day in the beautiful Solstrand area or

enjoy the excellent SPA and wellness facilities at the hotel. Book your SPA appointment in advance.

 Sognefjord. Photo Johan Berge/Innovation Norway


Day 6 - Bergen area-Balestrand

Drive via Voss and the beautiful Vikafjell mountain road to the Sognefjord and the scenic fjord village of Balestrand. En route you can visit the Stave church and the old stone churches in Vik.

Overnight at the historic Kvikne's hotel old, wooden wing, fjord view room. In the evening we have included the excellent Norwegian buffet dinner.

 Nordfjord. Photo Terje Rakke, Nordic Life/Innovation Norway


Day 7 - Balestrand-Nordfjord

Drive across the spectacular Gaularfjell mountain road, then along lake Joelster to the inner parts of the Nordfjord, crossing the Utvik mountain, offering spectacular views of the fjord.

Overnight at the beautifully located Alexandra hotel.

Excellent hiking areas close to the hotel

Geirangerfjord. Photo Frithjof Fure/Innovation Norway


Day 8 - Nordfjord-Geirangerfjord-Grotli

Drive to the Geirangerfjord, with a scenic car ferry cruise and an optional detour  to the Dalsnibba mountain road, offering a marvellous view of the fjord. Overnight at the Norwegian style, wooden Grotli mountain lodge hotel. Excellent Norwegian buffet dinner included.

 Mountain farm Photo Norway Anders Gjengedal/Inn. Norway


Day 9 - Grotli-Oslo

Across beautiful mountain scenery, then through the idyllic Gudbrandsdal valley via the Olympic town of Lillehammer to Oslo. Drop the rental car and spend the final night at the Hotel Continental. Airport hotel on request.


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