Lodal valley, Nordfjord @Destinasjon Stryn-Nordfjord

Lodal valley, Nordfjord

Rauma valley @Terje Rakke, Nordic Life/Fjord Norway

Rauma valley

The Troll wall/Rauma valley @Terje Rakke, Nordic Life/Innovation Norway

The Troll wall/Rauma valley

Geirangerfjord view @Terje Rakke, Nordic Life/Innovation Norway

Geirangerfjord view

Bergen hillsides @Oddleiv Apneseth/Bergen Tourist Board

Bergen hillsides

Naeroyfjo9rd @Terje Rakke, Nordic Life/Fjord Norway


Naeroyfjord @Terje Rakke, Nordic Life/Innovation Norway


Geilo mountain village, Dr. Holm's hotel @Dr. Holm's hotel

Geilo mountain village, Dr. Holm's hotel

Maabodal canyon @CH/Innovation Norway

Maabodal canyon

Voringfoss waterfall @CH/Innovation Norway

Voringfoss waterfall

Lofthus/Hardangerfjord view @Wilbert Bijzitter, Reisemal Hardangerfjord

Lofthus/Hardangerfjord view

Oslo Opera house @Bjorn Erik Ostbakken/Innovation Norway

Oslo Opera house

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