North cape@Johan Wildhagen/Innovation Norway

Hurtigruten cruises - optional Land excursions

Snow mobiloe safari Kirkenes
Snow mobile safari. Photo: Snow hotel/Kirkenes

North Cape. Photo: Frithjof Fure/Innovation Norway

Arctic Cathedral Tromso. Photo: Bard Loken/Dest. Tromso

Lofoten Islands. Photo: Frithjof Fure/Innov. Norway

Rib-safari. Photo: Johan Wildhagen/Innovation Norway

Sea Eagle safari. Photo: Frithjof Fure/Innov. Norway

Nordland coast. Photo: Frithjof Fure/Innov. Norway

The Atlantic Road. Photo: Terje Rakke, NL/Innov. Norway

Bergen. Photo: Oddleiv Apneseth/Bergen Tourist Board

KIRKENES - BERGEN (southbound cruise)

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Prices 2014

Snowmobile trip in the polar night

Dates: 15 December - 10 May
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes 
Price: NOK 2790
Practical info: Day 8 Southbound. Join us on an unforgettable snowmobile trip to one of Europe's most extreme and exciting natural areas. Maybe you will see the spectacular Northern lights! This excursion requires good physical condition. Driver's license necessary to drive the snowmobile. Times: 01:15-03:30 Wear warm, windproof clothing and comfortable shoes. Special clothing is provided. Meals: Warm drink. (Booking code 8F)

Breakfast at the North Cape

Dates: 8 May - 7 October 
Duration: 6 hours
Price: NOK 1460
Practical info: Day 8 Southbound. Travel by bus in the early morning through large parts of the West Finnmark region, visit a Sami family and the North Cape plateau, that rises 307m from the Arctic Ocean. At the North Cape hall you will be served breakfast and see a panoramic film of the North Cape region. Wear warm, windproof clothing and comfortable shoes. Meals: Breakfast. (Booking code 8A)

Hammerfest: The world's northernmost town

Dates: 1 May - 15 September & 1 November - 15 March
Duration: 1 hour
Price: NOK 280
Practical info: Day 8 Southbound. Guided sightseeing in Hammerfest. You will visit the UNESCO World heritage Meridian Column and see the view from Mount Salen. Transport: Bus. (Booking code 8B)

Tromso: Midnight Concert

Dates: All year 
Duration: 1 hour 15 mins 
Price: NOK 480
Practical info: Day 8 Southbound. Midnight concert in the Ishavs Cathedral.Times: 24:00 – 01:15. Transport: Bus. No filming or photography permitted during the performance. The programme may vary. (Booking code 8C)

Mehamn: Arctic summer night

Dates: 8 June - 31 August 
Duration: 2 hours 
Price: NOK 640
Practical info: Day 8 Southbound. Bus trip across the Nordkyn peninsula to look for reindeer, learn about the Sami culture and life in the north. At Camp Summer Night you will prepare food over an open fire. Transport: Bus. Binoculars provided. (Booking code 8D)

Harstad: A taste of Vesteralen Islands

Dates: All year
Duration: 4 hours 15 mins
Price: NOK 690
Practical info: Day 9 Southbound. A scenic trip with views to fjords, mountains and agricultural areas. Visit to a Medieval church and a Historical centre. Transport: Bus. Meals: Coffee and cake. (Booking code 9A)

Svolvaer: Lofoten Islands excursion

Dates: 1 April - 31 August 
Duration: 3 hours
Price: NOK 690 
Practical info: Day 9 Southbound. Bus trip through the Lofoten islands. Visit to a gallery with paintings from the islands' beautiful scenery. Transport: Bus. (Booking code 9B)

Svolvaer: Sea Eagle Safari

Dates: 24 March - 15 October 
Duration: 2 hours
Price: NOK 990
Practical info: Day 9 Southbound. Sea Eagle safari with a smaller boat to the Trollfjord. Transport: Boat. Meals: Coffee/tea, biscuits, and a taste of stockfish. (Booking code 9C)

Svolvaer: Lofoten by horse

Dates: 1 June - 31 August 
Duration: 3 hours 30 min
Price: NOK 990
Practical info: Day 9 Southbound. Enjoy a guided horseback ride on Icelandic horses through the incredible scenery of the Lofoten Islands. See exciting relics from the Viking Age at Gimsoy Island and Hov. No riding experience necessary. (Booking code 9D)

Svolvaer: RIB-Adventure in Lofoten

Dates: 1 June - 30 August
Duration: 1 hour 30 mins 
Price: NOK 975 
Practical info: Day 9 Southbound. Join the excursion into the fantastic Lofoten archipelago, with small islands and fishing villages. Perhaps you will see the sea eagles! Transportation: RIB- boats. Meals on the trip:  1 Tapas with salmon, 1 herb schnapps made from Norwegian herbs. Clothes/Footwear: Comfortable shoes/Warm clothing, thermal suits and gloves are provided. Note: The excursion is not suitable for guests with back problems. (Booking code 9E)

UNESCO Islands Vega archipelago, Sandnessjoen-Bronnoysund

Dates: 10 June - 9 September
Duration: 4 hours
Price: NOK 1495
Practical info: Day 10 Southbound. Sightseeing by boat through the Vega islands, visit to the E-museum, dedicated to the eider ducks, at Nes. Transport: Boat. Steep but short stairway at E-house museum. (Booking code 10B)

Bronnoysund: Visit the salmon

Dates: 10 June - 9 September
Duration: 1 hour 45 min 
Price: NOK 560
Practical info: Day 10 Southbound. Norway is one of the world's major exporters of fish and seafood. Visit the Norwegian Aquaculture Centre where you will learn about farming and the surrounding environment. Transport: Bus. Meals: Taste of salmon (Booking code 10C)

Trondheim & Nidaros Cathedral

Dates: All year
Duration: 2 hours
Price: NOK 390 
Practical info: Day 11 Southbound. The tour starts with a guided bus trip through Trondheim, before you reach Nidaros Cathedral. Guided tour of the cathedral. Transport: Bus. Times: 08:00 – 09:50. (Booking code 11A)

Trondheim city walk

Dates: All year
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes
Price: NOK 260
Practical info: Day 11 Southbound. Guided walk in Trondheim, see the royal residence, the Nidaros Cathedral and the Bakklandet area by the river. Entrance to the cathedral is not included. Times: 07:30-09:45 Wear comfortable shoes and warm clothing. The walk is 5km. (Booking code 11D)

The Atlantic Road, Kristiansund-Molde

Dates: 1 May - 15 Sept
Duration: 4 hours 30 mins
Price: NOK 990
Practical info:  Day 11 Southbound. Bus trip from Kristiansund to Averoy and Molde, including the 8,2km long Atlantic road, the "Engineering Feat of the Century" in 2005. Visit a stave church, and taste bacalao at a local tavern. Transport: Bus. Meals: Bacalao, dessert, coffee/tea. Not available 17 May. (Booking code 11C)

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